Hotel Anahì Rome


Children 4-10 years
Babies 0-3 years
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COVID 19 Security Prevention

Our Staff and Hotel follows all the international recommendations to avoid Covid Transmission adapted to regional protocols to guarantee your health , which is very important for us .

• Our cleaning staff are Stefania and Anna , who received specific training on disinfestation and sanitization against covid-19.
• Distance at check in and possibility to have online express check in by send documents on our email 1 day before arrival ( )
• Temperature of every guest or suppliers is measured at arrival. Hands Disinfestation is requested at every entrance.
• The staff has to measure temperature every day before starting work.
• All staff members wear a FPP2 mask while performing their work.
• Every key is disinfected safely and professionally on a wireless sterilization box before being given to the guest.
• All of us have received daily training on new procedures
• A welcome sanitizing package with towels and gel is given at arrival.